Evidence-based Reasoning

BUSINESS – Sense Making

It is more than using some trending or acclaimed methodologies of your industry, particular software tools and techy buzzwords.  It is about coming to your own adaptive models of action, employing not big data but the right (amount of) data, information and knowledge, from inside and outside of your company.

GOVERNMENT – Situation Awareness

It is not only the context that brought you to power that matters.  Governments and institutions have a life of their own, with policy-making and the management of political power going hand in hand, in an ever changing environment.

ACADEMIA – Action Science

Irrespective of topic but especially in technical areas, learning resources are now available and easily accessible in myriad of formats; yet, individual and organizational learning continue to remain tedious processes when ignorance or existing beliefs and practices are challenged.

CIVIL SOCIETY – Lean Innovation

While social innovation works on long term and has uncontrollable results, lean innovation supports communities and organized causes in completing existing projects or timely pivoting for new developments.  Open data resources and systems thinking add to the lean startup methodology to address some of the challenges a community could face.